Top 10 Best Broom Vacuums of 2020

What is the best cordless vacuum cleaner on the market?

I was tired of reading guides and comparisons that don’t make anything clear to you?

Get ready to read the best buying guide you can find when choosing a broom vacuum cleaner (also known as brooms or electric sweepers) they are one of the most coveted tools of anyone who wants to keep their home clean, no wonder, this appliance is one of the most useful.

I have a love-hate relationship with these vacuum cleaners, they clean the floor, but if you don’t choose the right one, sometimes they can become a real headache. 

Finding a good broom vacuum cleaner can be difficult if you are looking for the best. You quality/price must bear in mind that many are noisy, heavy, with too many accessories or more challenging to assemble than the Ikea furniture.

If you are looking for the best electric broom on the market, do not worry because, in this buying guide, I will make it very easy for you, will you accompany me?

Bestseller No. 1
Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With Crevice Tool,...
  • Powerful, convenient, and easy to use
  • Powerful suction makes it great for quick pick ups with multipurpose versatility
  • Versatile cleaning three machines in one: A stick vacuum, handle vacuum, and stair vacuum
  • With a crevice tool for furniture and a floor nozzle for stairs
  • Clean hard floors and surface dirt on carpets and area rugs. Surface type: Counter tops, sealed hard floors, low pile...
Bestseller No. 2
Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System...
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save...
  • Perfect for quick, quiet cleanups of everyday messes like crumbs, pet hair, cereal, dirt, and more
  • Safe and effective multi-surface cleaning on carpets, rugs, and hard floors
  • Compact, lightweight design that's easy to use and store
  • Features Dual Rotating Brush Rolls that pick up large and small debris on forward and return passes
Bestseller No. 3
Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • 3-in-1 design with onboard crevice tool allows you to customize your vacuum for your needs. At only 4 pounds, you can...
  • Eureka's signature swivels steering improves maneuverability and cleaning efficiency when compared to standard stick...
  • Eureka's capture nozzle picks up larger debris with ease unlike other stick vacuums that push larger particles around....
  • Powerful 2 amp motor picks up particles like dust and pollen, while the washable filtration system captures the debris...
  • 18' power cord and X-Large dust cup ensure you get the job done faster - No more outlet hopping or frequent trips to the...
Bestseller No. 4
MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 4 in 1 Powerful Suction Stick Handheld Vacuum...
  • [Super Long-lasting Battery & Powerful Suction]: Outstanding 20-28mins CORDLESS running time ensures thorough cleaning...
  • [High-efficiency Cyclone + HEPA Filtration System]: It creates a high speed rotating airflow to remove particulates from...
  • [Convenient Cordless Using + Widely Applicable Two Modes]: Wireless design makes you away from the hassle of cord and...
  • [Lightweight Main Machine + Detachable Battery]: The main machine weights only 3.3lb which can be equipped with...
  • [What You Get]: MOOSOO vacuum cleaner*1; Motorized floor brush*1 (features Led light for dirt seeking); 2 in 1 dusting...
SaleBestseller No. 6
Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Rechargeable...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: At 10 pounds this vacuum cleaner is easy to clean effortlessly
  • MULTI FLOOR CLEANING: Easily transition from carpet to hardwood floors
  • WINDTUNNEL TECHNOLOGY: Creates channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN: Lies flat to reach under hard-to-clean furniture
  • FADE FREE LITHIUM ION BATTERY: Interchangeable batteries provide cordless free don to clean anywhere
Bestseller No. 7
BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner & Hand Vac, 2-in-1,...
  • 2in1 design for cleaning floors and a dustbuster for cleaning above the floors
  • On-board accessories storage so they're always ready
  • Folding handle for compact storage
  • LED lights for illuminating the cleaning path
  • Easy to detach beater bar to keep the beater bar clean and free of hair for top performance
SaleBestseller No. 8
BISSELL ICONpet Cordless with Tangle Free Brushroll, Smart Seal Filtration,...
  • High Performance digital motor spins at up to 420 miles per hour for powerful cordless cleaning performance
  • 22v Lithium ion Battery offers cordless convenience with three cleaning modes
  • Our patented Tangle Free Brush Roll spins up to 3200 RPM, leaving no hair wrap behind and making it the vacuum for pet...
  • The Mess Free Dirt Tank with Clean Slide Technology allows you control the dust and dander to eliminate the clean up...
  • Easily converts to a hand or high reach vacuum, so you can clean more spaces with a single, innovative machine
SaleBestseller No. 9
Hoover BH50010 Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, Grey
  • FADE FREE LITHIUM ION BATTERY: Interchangeable batteries provide cordless freedom to clean anywhere
  • EXTREME RECLINE HANDLE: Reach further without having to move any furniture around
  • EDGE CLEANING BRISTLES: Removes dirt, dust, and pet hair against those hard to reach edges
  • WINDTUNNEL TECHNOLOGY: Creates channels of suction to life and remove surface debris and deep embedded dirt
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: At under 10 pounds this vacuum is portable enough to carry room-to-room for quick cleaning.
Bestseller No. 10
Black & Decker BDST1609 3-in-1 Corded Lightweight Handheld Cleaner & Stick...
  • 2. 75 lbs Lightweight Vacuum: Easy to maneuver and carry, this vacuum combo is perfect for quick everyday cleaning.
  • Powerful Suction: This corded vacuum ensures continuous and stable high power to get the job done. No need to charge, it...
  • 3-in-1 Vacuum w/ Multipurpose Attachments: It is a handheld vacuum cleaner or easily convert it to a stick vacuum...
  • Easy to Store: Stands upright on its own and the cord wraps conveniently around hooks on the back to keep everything...
  • Low-maintenance & Easy to Assemble: This bagless vacuum keeps your maintenance cost as low as possible. Simply clean the...

Tips for choosing a good broom vacuum cleaner

To  know which electric broom you should buy,  you must consider some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

  • Power: The best broom vacuum cleaner on the market will have enough energy to vacuum any surface quickly and efficiently without any problem. The voltage indicates power, which affects the machine’s ability to clean dust, dirt, and other debris, so if you choose a model with more than 18 volts, you will have more than enough. Some models also have technology where the head detects the type of floor and adjusts its power accordingly.
  • Autonomy: The characteristics of this type of product vary between models; some have much more power than others, better accessories, and, most importantly, longer battery life. Today’s lithium-ion batteries have more ability and last longer, so when deciding which cordless vacuum to buy,  verify that it has a good charging time so that you can clean without problems, some also have a level indicator Of battery.
  • Weight: If you do not know how to choose your electric broom, it is essential that when selecting a model, you are careful with its value, since anything that exceeds 3 kg can feel heavy after prolonged use. Models, where the weight is centered around the head of the floor rather than the handle, are ideal if you have strength issues. If it is less bulky, it is easier on the arms.
  • Surface to be cleaned: This type of device is excellent for small areas or daily use since it tends quickly without dragging dirt and dust. If you want flexibility and ease of service, one of the best broom vacuums will work wonders for you. Also, the vast majority have unique modes to address multiple types of floors.
  • Accessories: Some of the more recommended cordless brooms come with more accessories than others, each brand should include all the useful tools, although you can buy them separately if they are not included. Some of the most common accessories are crevice nozzle, an extension tube, and a brush. Likewise, the best quality-price device should consist of the base to store more efficiently.

Cordless or Cordless Broom Vacuums?

Upright vacuum cleaners are one of the most common today due to their power and how easy it is to store anywhere, but there is an eternal question that many people have, corded or cordless?

Frequent questions

What is the most powerful broom vacuum cleaner?

When we think of a vacuum cleaner, usually the first thing we expect from it is that it has great power. We want you to be able to lift anything from a breadcrumb to nuts, debris stuck to the floor, or other hard-to-clean dirt. Of course, for this, we need a powerful vacuum cleaner, the most powerful on the market, if possible. Well, here I must mention that power is not everything, and it would also be worth considering other aspects such as durability, versatility, cost, and practicality of the vacuum cleaner. Perhaps the best option is the one that is more balanced in these aspects. However, I will tell you which is the most potent broom vacuum cleaner.

As I mentioned before, the Dyson DC62 broom vacuum is the most powerful on the market. Buyers know it, and that is why this model is among the best sellers. All you have to do is press a button to maximize its power. Also, and returning to the theme of the other qualities, this vacuum cleaner is not only powerful but also versatile: it can become a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

Who invented the broom vacuum cleaner?

It is difficult to speak of a single inventor since patents with similar ideas arose here and there within a few years of each other, and not all of them were produced or tested. However, one of the first records of a machine that used air to clean points to Daniel Hess. In 1860, the inventor patented the first carpet cleaner that incorporated air as a fundamental element in its operation. It was operated manually to create air suction, but it is the oldest antecedent.

In 1869, Ives McGaffey took over Hess’s patent and improved it. Unlike the Hess proposal, there is a record that the McGaffey patent was built. He called her Whirlwind. The problem was that it turned out to be too expensive a machine to be mass-produced. In subsequent years, other inventors and engineers made developments and improvements to existing models, until they came to perfect them for their economic and production profitability, to later launch them on the mass market. However, this pair of inventors could be considered the forerunners of this type of vacuum cleaners – and vacuum cleaners in general.

How do broom vacuum cleaners work?

Sometimes we want the devices we use to work correctly and fulfill their function: to make our lives easier. However, other times, we got the curiosity that we had when we were children, and we ask ourselves the whys and the hows. With the case of vacuum cleaners, it will not be the exception, and perhaps, like me, you ever wondered how these machines work that help us so much to keep our surroundings clean. Well, I have found out, and I’ll tell you if the same curiosity arose as me.

All the magic happens thanks to a motor, which in turn runs a fan. Each vacuum cleaner has its own, larger or smaller, and with different energy sources, although the most common are electric. This fan, located inside the vacuum cleaner, rotates and produces a pressure difference. This difference makes air movement that, on the one hand, sucks air and, on the other, expels it. On the way, it passes through filters that retain dust and other particles. In the case of upright vacuums, these typically have brushes on the base, rotating and helping to push air and dust into your system.

What is a broom vacuum cleaner?

Thanks to the design, it is also known as upright vacuum cleaners. They are manufactured to save as much space as possible at home and be able to do hygiene comfortably, quickly, and efficiently.

These floor-standing vacuum cleaners are perfect in homes and small rooms, because their size is smaller than other types of electric broom, thus facilitating access to any room.

Characteristics of vacuum brooms

These appliances are characterized only and exclusively by having a structure similar to that of an ordinary broom, allowing much more accessible entry to any room in the home. 

Likewise, they can be found with or without a cable, which will directly influence its effectiveness, being projected on the suction force of the appliance.

Advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners 

These are types of home appliances made up of a robot vacuum cleaner designed to turn your daily routines into much more straightforward tasks. They can help you when reaching the most difficult corners of your home without much complication. Now, do you know what the benefits of these electrical appliances are? Here below, we explain each one of them:

  • More excellent ergonomics: Comfortable and subtle, straightforward to use, which allows us to go up and down steps in a multi-story house. These devices are designed without cables and without bags to move them placidly throughout the house. Also, its silent movements facilitate complete hygiene calmly.
  • Versatile: Several of these devices include all their characteristics in a single model, such as broom, vertical, handheld, and floor scrubber, known as 4 in 1 that fully adjust to all kinds of needs and requirements.
  • Storage: Thanks to their resistant design, they cover less space than the others. Besides, some models are dismountable to be stored in furniture, cabinets, broomsticks, or small holes.
  • Portable: Some models that do not use cable allow greater freedom of movement when cleaning the house.
  • Light: These electric brooms have a low weight. Some include Lithium-Ion technology that, apart from minimizing the charging period, also considerably reduces their value, to make them much more docile. Most of these cordless vacuum cleaners have 360 ​​° methods so that all their weight falls on the top and consequently, on the hand of the person who uses it and thus can be lifted more easily, cleaning the highest areas of the house.
  • Maximum autonomy: Because we know how valuable your time is, broom vacuums have a fast charge, so they will always be available for you to use at all times. All these devices have high autonomy, so you can use them for 82 minutes of battery life to sanitize the entire home with a single charge.
  • High suction power: Its extensive technology provides them with a suction force suitable to suck up every last particle of dust for you and your family’s total peace of mind. So your home will be completely free of mites.
  • Easy maintenance: Just by emptying the dirt tank, you will have a quick and easy cleaning of the cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Designed for any surface: There are models of electric brooms created to vacuum all characters in the house, whether soft or hard, including carpets. They also include essential accessories to end the dirt that tends to accumulate in corners, furniture, and corners. Besides, they feature 4-wheel heads, providing better movement without scratching delicate areas.
  • Greater access: These are entirely effective even in the most inaccessible areas. The latest trends in vacuum brooms reach every corner, and they can even clean the ceiling.

Is it an excellent option to buy an upright vacuum cleaner?

This type of appliance is usually much more comfortable than the sled vacuum cleaner. You do not have to worry about the cable because it does not have it; in this way, you can take it with you anywhere. Also, they weigh around 3 kilograms, and you can use it with one hand easily and without having to bend over, even when cleaning under furniture since these are usually flexible. Most of these have a parking position; that is, they can stand on their own.

A broom vacuum cleaner is a great help that you can always have with you. Although you can perform deep cleaning with them, they are also fundamentally practical to give a quick review in a room and leave it clean.

Also, with the 2-in-1 models, you have a manual vacuum cleaner that you can use to clean food residues or any specific dirt in a matter of seconds.

Being so easy to store, surely you will never be lazy to put it to work. This device makes it easy for you to keep your home clean without much effort. Instead of cleaning every week, with this, you can keep the clean house daily.

Which broom vacuum cleaner is more recommended, with battery or cable?

Usually, this type of electric broom works with a battery, and so are most models. That its functionality is battery-powered has a significant advantage, and it is movement. It is also a device with little weight, thanks to this you can move it to any room in the house, being much more convenient than common vacuum cleaners. Regarding the battery, it is essential to highlight the following points:

Upright Vacuum Battery Power 

Modern vacuum brooms already have batteries with autonomies that can last up to 60 minutes, and in some instances, they exceed them. When looking at the storm’s freedom, keep in mind that it is when you are using the vacuum cleaner at minimum power. The most common thing is that the device has several levels of suction. Some have a normal mode and another turbo, others, there are three modes. 

When there is a lot of dirt to clean at home, or you want to vacuum the carpets, you can use an upright vacuum cleaner at maximum power to not waste a lot of time on this job. Many of the floor-standing vacuums feature a rotating turbo brush. It is very advantageous because it helps to collect dirt. However, it consumes battery. These devices can last several hours to charge, so you will have to stop vacuuming until it is set again. These do not work with cable, and they can only work with a battery.

Corded electric broom

Corded upright vacuums usually have a larger tank. And it’s reasonable, as they are designed to clean for longer. These are an excellent option for a home that has many dimensions. Models are ranging from very basic to super-powerful devices within the group of electrically wired brooms, similar to sleds.

With these corded appliances, you can enjoy the same benefits of a traditional vacuum cleaner, combined with the ergonomics and well-being that a battery-powered electric broom provides you. On the other hand, it is essential that you check the size of the line about the cable and if it has a cable reel technique similar to that of sleds. 

How do I know if a vacuum broom is energy efficient?

If we are talking about a model that works with cable, you will easily verify it on the energy label that comes with the broom vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, if it works with a battery, it will make it a little more challenging to check it, yes, you should pay special attention to the description of the storm that, in something else, since this is the one that will make the device work with enough power.

Should I buy a 2-in-1 stand-up vacuum?

There are broom vacuum cleaners that are 2 in 1, that is, they are both electric broom and handheld vacuum cleaner; They are usually very functional when it comes to picking up all kinds of dirt, be it breakfast leftovers, dust from a closet or to clean the car.

Thus, a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner is more appropriate, as it provides you with more excellent elasticity when cleaning. Without a doubt, it is a great advantage to have two vacuum cleaners in one device. However, it is essential to verify that the handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to remove and that the anchoring system is compact and cannot be broken at the first changes. 

What type of surface can I vacuum with an electric broom? 

Unquestionably, sucking dust-laden carpets is not the same as vacuuming the floor to collect lint. Cordless vacuum cleaners include a universal brush that can be used on any surface. This has a replaceable position to adapt it to hard or soft floors. The most common is that they have a bristle roller that rotates to speed up the suction action; this will help bring the dirt to the suction nozzle.

Upright Carpet Vacuum

On soft floors and carpets, you will need a vacuum cleaner with ample suction power and a battery with significant autonomy. On this surface, it is essential to place the device in full control since it consumes more battery. Another option would be to look for a model that works with a cable. 

There are electric brooms with brushes specifically for carpets, which are usually much more useful to clean dirt. Using fewer passes will leave the carpet more polished. It is a turbo brush that is designed to pick up ground on thick carpets. They include a rotating brush with bristles that facilitates the collection of hairs that are usually introduced into the carpet fabric.

Vacuum broom for parquet floors

Regularly, on wooden floors, the dust usually lodges in the cracks and grooves, if this is your case, you will need the broom to lift it and vacuum it. 

It is not essential, since the universal brush of most broom vacuum cleaners can effectively accomplish this task; however, in some instances, a special meeting for parquet and delicate floors is a useful accessory. It is a thin brush that protects and takes care of the most special feet from scratches; it is also improved to sanitize this type of floor.

Cordless vacuum cleaner for sofas and textiles

Mainly, the 2-in-1 broom vacuum cleaners are the most recommended to suck up the dirt that usually accumulates in upholstered furniture and textiles, because they are more docile, thus facilitating the activity. The most appropriate thing would be for the device to have a special brush for textile surfaces, especially if what you have to vacuum is your pet’s hair. Otherwise, a specific upholstery nozzle is a complement to consider when purchasing an electric broom.

What type of vacuum cleaners are you looking for?

Can I vacuum and mop with a broom vacuum?

There are floor-standing vacuum cleaners with a wet mop function, which not only sucks but also leaves the floor completely clean. Even, some vacuum both dry and wet. These can have three parts, therefore, they clean, scrub and dry the foot; Besides, they have a water tank, apart from the dirt one.

Is a vacuum broom useful if I have pets at home?

Without a doubt, pet hair is a problem and even more so when they get stuck to carpets, furniture, and armchairs, which makes anyone desperate. Before purchasing a broom vacuum cleaner, make sure that you will be able to remove all the hairs from the most challenging surfaces, especially textiles and not just those on the floor.

An excellent electric pet broom should include a mechanized turbo brush or a dedicated hair pickup roller. Some models have one for rugs and another for the sofa, armchairs, or bed. Because pets cause allergies in some people, it is advisable to purchase an upright vacuum capable of sucking up even the smallest particles. Animal allergens are not found in hair, but in dander, which is why they are usually tiny crumbs that the device must suck up. 

Where can you buy a broom vacuum?

If you make a comparison of broom-type vacuum cleaners, remember to take into account the different characteristics of each model and how they align with the cleaning needs of your home. These are the leading online platforms where to buy your wireless broom:

  • Amazon Wireless Vacuum Cleaner – This online store has worldwide recognition; it is ideal to find everything you want with just one click. Here you will find the best brands and the best value for money model for this device.
  • MediaMarkt broom vacuum cleaner – In this chain of stores, you will find great electronic products. They also have household appliances, mobile telephony, computers, among others. You can find a model available for this type of accessory.
  • El Corte Ingles Electric Broom – Another of the most recognized department store chains, here you can find everything from technological products, household items, fashion, among others, they are an excellent option.


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